About Us

Often referred to as “forensic accountants,” Rugeti & Associates is an accounting firm that consults with judges, attorneys, businesses and individuals seeking answers to accounting and financial controversies. We recognize that hiring a financial expert is just one of many issues litigants face. Our clients require accurate, timely and efficient analyses, and by hiring us you can trust that this aspect of your case is in good hands.

Our mission is to be the firm of choice for clients seeking the truth. In addition to serving as consultants and expert witnesses on behalf of a particular party to a dispute, our reputation for objective analyses leads to frequent retention by both sides to a case, either as a stipulated neutral, or under Court-appointment as a §730 Expert or Referee.

Litigation is a difficult process, often framed by experts with drastically different views. When our opinion is delivered, you can count on knowing that we are providing an accurate, credible, and well supported position.

Please call us or submit your inquiry to see if we can help.